Health Benefits of Thai Basil

Thai Basil is a great and excellent source of vitamins and essential nutrients. There are a lot of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in Thai basil that are not listed here such as vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acid.


4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Basil

Basil leaves come complete with an array of antioxidants and other wonderful phytonutrients. Some of these phytonutrients, orientin and vicenin, which are in the flavonoid family, have been found to “protect cell structures as well as chromosomes from radiation and oxygen-based damage… Read more at

Thai Basil seeds are said to have antioxidants, anti-cancer properties, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Minimal scientific research has been done on basil seeds. Maybe because there’s no huge market for Thai basil seeds yet. But the future for basil seeds looks very promising based on preliminary research.


Are Basil Seeds the New Superfood?

A detailed nutritional study of basil seeds is currently not available. But like other seeds, basil seeds contain all the concentrated nutrients and building blocks needed to grow a new plant. No toxicity or any harmful effects have ever been found for basil seeds. They’re recognized as safe to eat. Their basic nutritional make-up compared to chia seeds is… Read more at

Various Skin and Hair Benefits of Basil | Mind Blowing Basil Benefits

Basil makes a lot of sauces and dishes smell and taste extra special. But did you know that it is also being used in traditional healing for centuries now because of its impressive medicinal properties? It’s known to be highly effective against sore throat, fever, the common cold, cough, obesity, stress and even cancer… Watch here

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3 Responses to “Health Benefits of Thai Basil”

  • Osei kofi:

    Can basil leaves be used to treat hepatitis B

    • Pearl Pardee:

      While basil is a natural remedy for many ailments, i would suggest looking more into Holy basil which I would use with grapefruit seed extract and milk thistle to detox.
      Also look at the medical medium name is Anthony William. With his specific protocols I have heard of miracles using his natural methods. Pearl

      • louise:

        Pearl, do you use dry basil with the oil to make your tinctures? Please advise the health benefits of the holy basil? Can it be used in skin care as well?
        Thank you

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