Veggie Lovers

38. Almond Curry Vegetables (Thai Style)… 15.00

Organically-grown shredded almonds, onions, carrots and broccoli in a coconut milk broth. Choose red or green freshly-blended Thai curry.

39. Tempeh Red Curry Vegetables… 15.50

A delicious blend of Thai herbal red curry, coconut milk, organic tempeh and freshly cut vegetables.

40. Vegetable Curry… 14.00

Choose red or green curry with mixed vegetables in creamy coconut milk.

41. Tempeh Garlic Vegetables… 15.50

Tasty saute of mixed vegetables, organic tempeh with freshly minced garlic.

42. Silver Noodle Lovers… 13.50

Bean thread noodles stir-fried with tofu, ginger, bean sprouts, and green onions.

43. Vegetarian Pad Thai… 13.00

Rice noodles pan fried with mixed vegetables, tofu and Pearl’s Special Sauce.

44. Vegetable Thai- Fried Rice… 13.00

Mixed vegetables pan fried with rice and tofu.

45. Macrobiotic Platter… 23.00

Specially prepared at your request a day ahead of time by Pearl, a trained macrobiotic chef. (No discounts on Macrobiotic Platter.)


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