Rice & Noodles

20. Pad Thai… 12.95

A Thai favorite!  Rice noodles stir fried with chicken, eggs, bean sprouts, green onions and a tasty sauce garnished with freshly ground

Pad Thai...

Pad Thai…

roasted peanuts.

21. Pad Kee Mow… 12.95

Spicy rice noodles pan fried with chicken or tofu, green chili paste and vegetables.

22. Thai Fried Rice… 12.95

Thai Fried Rice using brown rice

Thai Fried Rice using brown rice

Traditional pan-fried rice and chicken with eggs, and vegetables.

23. Curry Fried Rice… 12.95

Rice and vegetables pan fried in Thai red curry paste with your choice of chicken or tofu.

24. Pad Woon Sen… 12.95

Sautéed silver noodles with chicken, eggs, onions and bean sprouts.

#  Pad See – Ew… 12.95

Pan-fried rice noodles with broccoli and miso garlic sauce.

Shrimp  14.50   Chicken  12.95   Beef  13.95   Tofu  12.95



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