All entrées include white or brown rice.

25. Broccoli on the Wok… 15.00

Broccoli on the Wok

Broccoli on the Wok

Sautéed with oyster sauce.

26. Sweet and Sour (Thai Style)… 15.00

Sautéed pineapple, cucumber, tomato, onions and carrots in Pearl’s Special Sweet & Sour Sauce.

27. Ginger and Onions… 15.00

Sautéed with broccoli–a healthful, balanced herbal dish.

28. Basil Garlic and Chili… 15.00

Spicy and HOT, HOT, HOT tasty stir-fry with onions, garlic and mixed vegetables.

29. Spicy Garlic… 15.00

With mixed vegetables, fresh garlic and Pearl’s Special Sauce.

30. Red Curry13.95

A delicious blend of herbal Thai spices and red vegetables in a rich coconut milk.

31. Green Curry15.00

A blend of green curry paste with vegetables in coconut milk.  A v-e-r-y unique taste!

32. Pineapple Curry17.00

Shrimp, pineapple and carrots in coconut milk fresh red curry sauce.

33. Panang Curry15.00

Authentic Thai red curry paste. Spicy and thick… similar to goulash.

34. Phra Ram14.50

Three colorful, freshly cooked vegetables topped with homemade peanut curry sauce.

35. Pad Prig King15.00

Spicy, delicious, stir-fried Thai red curry with mixed vegetables.

36. Cashew Nuts & Vegetables… 15.00

Mixed vegetables sauteed with roasted cashew nuts and garlic sauce.

37. Pad Roum Mit… 15.00

Mixed vegetables stir-fried in a fresh ginger miso sauce.

These dishes may be ordered: MILD*, MEDIUM ** OR HOT ***

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