Luncheon Specials

1. Garden Sprout Salad… 8.00

served with homemade:

– fresh peanut Thai curry sauce or

– fresh organic honey apple vinaigrette.

2. Ginger Vegetable Noodle Soup… 9.00

with chicken or tofu.

3. Thai Fried Rice… 9.50

Thai Fried Rice using brown rice

Thai Fried Rice using brown rice

Traditional pan-fried rice and chicken with eggs and vegetables.

4. Pad Thai… 9.50

– Vegetarian Pad Thai with tofu and mixed vegetables or

– Traditional Pad Thai with rice noodles stir fried in a tasty sauce with chicken, egg, bean sprouts and garnished

Pad Thai...

Pad Thai…

with fresh-roasted peanuts.

5. Silver Noodle Lovers… 9.50

Bean thread noodles stir fried with tofu, fresh ginger and mixed vegetables.

6. Pad Kee Mow ( chicken or tofu)… 10.50

Spicy rice noodles pan fried with fresh green chili paste and mixed vegetables.

7. Broccoli On The Wok… 10.50

Broccoli and beef or chicken sautéed with oyster sauce and served with rice.

Broccoli on the Wok

Broccoli on the Wok

8. Vegetable Green Curry… 11.00

Freshly blended Thai curry in coconut milk, seasonal vegetables and served with rice.

9. Almond Red Curry Vegetables… 11.00

Exotic freshly blended Thai spices in coconut milk, mixed vegetables and served with steamed rice.

10. Yum Tayai… 11.00

Homemade peanut curry sauce over seasonal vegetables and served with rice.

11. Sesame Vegetables… 11.00

Sautéed mixed vegetables with toasted organic sesame seeds and a touch of fresh minced garlic.

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